Marvel Heroes Interpreted by Puerto Rican Artists
Mondo Bizarro: Arte & Comics Presents Colectivo Marvel

On my most recent trip to my homeland Puerto Rico, I had set an agenda to take upon two quests. I'm very passionate about comic books but I'm just as passionate if not more about traditional Puerto Rican cuisine. As my hunger kicked in overdrive, it was clear that in this epic battle of choosing which quest would be first, myapetitite won over my imagination so I set off to find the best traditional Puerto Rican cuisine I could find. I didn't have to look any further than my mother's hometown of Santurce where I found Café Molini's. I at there at least four times while I was back home! Now that my palette was satisfied I was able to set up on my second quest and that was to find like minded Puerto Rican's who enjoyed and celebrated comic book culture and art. While in town I met A.C. Osorio, a local artist who would introduce me to Luis Carlos Parés of Pernicious Press, a local publishing company. Luis Carlos and his wife Yasmine Stella Ledée also run the comic book shop and gallery Mondo Bizarro.

AC Osorios Marvel in Paradise
Hulk VS Silver Surfer
Mondo Bizarro recently presented their first exhibition inspired by the fictional universe of Marvel entiled Colectivo Marvel. I felt especially moved by this exhibition because back in 2009 I curated Marvelous Color, my second exhibtion with Marvel at the Caribbean Cultural Center (CCCADI) and as a Puerto Rican myself, I was excited to see what la isla del encanto's talent had to offer.

I'm always a fan first, which is truly how my work is always portrayed and the same can be said by the amazing group that presented original pieces. The show itself presented artists of various disciplines and mediums from traditional comic book art in pencil and ink on bristol board to mixed media to acrylics on canvas. I'm sharing here in my blog some of the pieces that stand out the most as these artist also embrace surrealism to minimalism. Take the time yourself now to explore their digital catalog and pick out your favorite pieces yourself. These are for sale so be sure to reach out to Mondo Bizarro for more information. 

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