El Coqui Espectacular

El Coqui Espectacular

El Coquí Espectacular and the Bottle of Doom
Key Artwork
Graphic Design

Playwright Matt Barbot's "El Coquí Espectacular
and the Bottle of Doom"
is a new play that was first publicly read as part of IATI Theater's Cimiento program.  I loved the concept of a Puerto-Rican superhero with folkloric influences so I conceptualized the character design and penciled the art for the poster. I then drew on the celebrated comic book artist Phil Jimenez known for his work as writer/artist on Wonder Woman (DC) and X-Men (Marvel) to ink the drawing after my pencils. The end result was two pieces, one a comic book cover inspired poster and the other a computer screen inspired poster.

Art Director & Penciler:
Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez
Inker: Phil Jimenez
Colorist: José A. Gutierrez-Rivera